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Four Point Inspection



Four Point Inspection

Why Do I Need One?

A Four Point is a mini-inspection required by property insurers
(such as Citizens and Allstate). It is mandatory if a house is more than 20 years old. The Four Point Inspection Report covers three separate systems as well as the roof of a house:

Ask your insurance agent if you need a Four-Point.

1. Roof (shingle, built up tar and gravel and other coverings).
The common exceptions are tile, slate, clay, concrete and metal roof coverings that are more than 30 years old.

If the property is more than 25 years old, in order to be eligible for insurance coverage, documentation of full roof covering replacement or percentage of repairs must be submitted with your insurance application. 

Acceptable documentation includes:
a dated receipt from the roofing contractor showing the date the house was re-roofed, the materials used and/or a dated (final) roofing permit filed with the municipality where the property is located. 

In addition, you will need verification by a Florida licensed inspector that the roof has at least 3 years remaining useful life. This includes at least two photos of the roof and possibly the roof deck as seen from the attic. The photos are used to verify any visible signs of damage to include curled or lifted shingles, missing shingles or the presence of a sagging/uneven roof deck.

2. Electrical System
The insurance company wants the licensed inspector to document and report on the following:

Age of the main panel. Brand name of the main panel. Wiring type. Year last updated. Main panel amps. Presence of additional electrical panels. The total amps of such panels. Hazards such as: blowing fuses or breakers, empty breaker sockets, loose wiring, frayed wiring, exposed wiring, improper grounding, double taps and more.

As you can imagine, these are all liability safety issues related to potential electrical fires and danger of electrocution.

3. Plumbing System
The insurance company wants the licensed inspector to document and report on the following:

Age of the system. Year last updated. Types of pipes. Is the plumbing system in good working order. Are there active leaks, indications of prior leaks, water heater age and condition, cracked or leaking connection hoses and more.

These questions are all related to the possibility of future or past water damage to the structure.

4. Heating/HVAC System
The insurance company wants the licensed inspector to document and report on the following:

Photo of the air conditioning compressor with manufacturer's date tag. Age of the system. Year last updated. Primary heat source and fuel type. Presence of wood burning stoves. Fireplace and type. Space heaters in use. 

Once again, the insurance company wants to limit their liability and protect their clients by targeting conditions responsible for many house fires. 

Why Do I Need a Four Point Inspection?
The paragraphs above should provide answers to this question.

Make certain that your inspector is licensed by the State of Florida. Our FABI registration is RPI 07-67. Our Florida license number is HI4399 and can be found on the website: 

FL Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation


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