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No inspector has encountered every possible situation. Just when an inspector least expects it. something new and surprising emerges in the course of an assessment.

However, there are common types of property defects which occur as often in older homes as in newer models.

Here are the Tampa Home Inspection TOP TEN

1. Roofing Defects:
Problems with roofing material, either due to aging and wear or to improper installation are likely to be found in the majority of homes. This does not mean that most roofs are in need of replacement, but rather that most are in need of some type of maintenance or repair.

2. Ceiling Stains, Indicating Past or Current Roof Leaks:
The problem here is that you often can't tell if the roof still leaks, unless it is inspected on a rainy day. Some stains are merely the residual effects of leaks that have been repaired.

3. Water Intrusion:
Very common in the Tampa Bay area. A combination of poor drainage, heavy rain and small gutters are the primary culprits.

4. Electrical Safety Hazards:
Examples are ungrounded outlets, lack of ground fault interrupters (shock protection devices), faulty wiring conditions in electrical panels or elsewhere in a structure.

5. Rotted Wood:
Typical in this region. Rotted wood is almost always found at building exteriors and at various plumbing fixtures: In places where wood stays wet for long periods, such as roof eaves, exterior trim, around tubs and showers, or below loose toilets, fungus infection is very likely to attack, resulting in a condition commonly known as dry rot. If left unchecked, damage can become quite extensive. This type of condition is also a natural haven for subterranean termites.

6. Building Violations Where Alterations Were Constructed without Permits:

7. Unsafe Fireplace and Chimney Conditions:
Usually due to lack of maintenance, such as neglecting to hire a chimney sweep, or improper installation of fixtures.

8. Faulty Installation of Water Heaters:
Less than 5% of all water heaters are installed in full compliance with plumbing code requirements. We've seen leaks develop in units that are less than three years old.

9. Violations In Garages:
Special fire-resistive construction is required for walls and doors that separate a garage from a dwelling. The fire separation requirement for residential garages dates back to 1927.


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