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Unfortunately, there are a large number of homes in the Tampa Bay area that are now in foreclosure - abandoned - or repossessed. 

If you are a mortgage holder, insurance company, bank, or government entity, you must identify, monitor and manage your risk on a regular basis.

Whether you have a monetary interest in a dozen properties – or thousands - Tampa Home Inspection has the experience and ability to provide you with the data you need to determine the current physical status of your residential inventory.

You need to know if there are safety, liability, or degradation issues.

Is there a pool? Is it secured with a locked gate? Is there wind damage, damage from vegetation? Has the property been vandalized? Is utility equipment secure or missing? Are heat pumps, AC units, pool motors, etc. intact or missing?

Is the property secure? Are there signs of intrusion? Are there repair, maintenance, safety or code issues that demand immediate attention? Will any of these situations lead to an erosion of the selling price? If so, what action should be taken to preserve the asset?

We generate up-to-date information  that helps you maintain and protect your investment. Our clients use this data as a decision-making tool that enables them to identify and isolate the higher risk properties in their portfolio.

We visually monitor properties on a fixed schedule. The most common is a 30-day cycle, but we will build a system that serves you best.

Now you can receive continuous independent verification of the property's current physical condition. Flexible data extraction formats such as EXCEL and PDF  make integration into your existing data base effortless.  

There are no start-up costs and our affordable per case cost results in a
meaningful ROI.  

Call or email us to discuss your needs and how we may best help you. We inspect occupied and unoccupied properties; interior/exterior or both.

Don’t forget – hurricane season starts in Florida on June 01.

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