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Q. I have already spent money to re-paint and install new carpeting to get my house ready to sell. Why should I spend even more money for a pre-sale inspection?

A. A pre-sale inspection is a small investment with a high return. You've spent your time, money and energy to improve the way your house looks. That's good. The cosmetics of your house are certainly one sales tool that you should use. But how about the guts of the house? A bad paint job won't kill a sale, but plumbing, roofing or electrical problems certainly might. Your goal, as an independent home seller, is to help your prospective buyer reach a decision to buy. A pre-sale home inspection report can help you do just that.
Think of it as, "peace of mind insurance".

It is always in your financial best interest to know if unseen problems exist before the buyer orders an inspection. When you are aware of "problem" areas before an offer is made, you can elect to either disclose them or repair them. This gives you the ability to negotiate price from a much stronger position.

You do not want to be presented with a list of last-minute "problems" to be resolved at the closing. Don't put yourself in a position where you are forced to give back a chunk of your profit in last minute price concessions.

Don't say it won't happen to you. It is an effective buying strategy, and it takes place every day.

If there are no areas of "concern", that's great. It's just what you want to know. It's what your buyer wants to know, too.

Q. Why can’t I use my cousin to do my house inspection? He’s a good carpenter, and he will do it for free.

A. Buying a house is serious business. The cost of a professional home inspection is insignificant compared to the purchase price of a house. While your cousin may be a fantastic carpenter – and will work for free, the professional inspector has a working knowledge of many trades and is trained to give an unbiased “overview” of the total condition of a house.

If you plan to show your bank or lender a copy of an inspection report prepared by your cousin, you may be disappointed by the reaction you receive.

Q. The house we are buying is less than 5 years old.
What could possibly need inspecting?

A. Your inclination to skip a professional home inspection when purchasing a reasonably new home may be an invitation to costly trouble, and here's why:
A professional home inspector relies on the carefully considered applications of years of home inspection experience and of cumulative knowledge related to property defects. 
It takes at least 500 home inspections to become truly qualified as a professional home inspector. Here are a few examples of problems that can be found during the first few years of occupancy:

1. Construction defects within the attic;
2. Faulty wiring within the breaker panel;
3. Improper flashing at roof penetrations;
4. Chimney contact with combustible construction;
5. Noncompliance at the garage firewall;
6. Substandard flue connections at the water heater;
7. Reversed polarity at wall outlets;
8. Lack of ground fault (shock) protection at required outlets;
9. Improper vent configuration at drain pipes;

Problems such as these would eventually be discovered when you sell the home. The buyer's home inspector would then reveal them, and the responsibility for repairs would be yours.

Q. Will you fix something that needs repairs? Can you tell me who can?

A. We do not repair or troubleshoot problems. We have no connection to contractors, real estate companies or financial institutions. If an area of concern is mentioned in our report, we will advise our customer to contact a specialist in that area for expert evaluation. It is our company policy not to recommend specific companies or individuals.
A good analogy would be a general medical practitioner who finds something of concern with a patient’s health, and then recommends that the patient seek the advice of a specialist in that field. Specialists in our case would include; structural engineers, licensed pest control companies, well drillers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc

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