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You are probably going through a very hectic experience right now.

All of a sudden, you've got expenses you've never had before. 
Negotiations you didn't expect. Delays and delays. Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Stress and pressure. A stretched budget.

Have you ever signed this many forms?

Plus, the big question; "Am I doing the right thing?"

What if my dream house turns out to be a money pit?

That's why you want to hire us. 

We look for things that will cost you money. Our reports are often used as a
negotiating tool that may help you press for a better price or allowance.

Our report includes more than 400 items and 1,000 checkpoints throughout the home, including the roof, exterior, interior, plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, insulation, ventilation, structural components, other mechanical systems, and safety features.

In short, we inspect almost everything that can be seen without emptying or dismantling the house.

Our home inspection is an objective, in-depth visual examination of a home's structure and operating systems. We have been trained in the art of identifying problem areas through observation.

We are not contractors and are not associated with any contractor, real estate company, financial organization or construction firm. As such, we have nothing to gain by finding or overlooking "problems."  We work for you.


All reports are available to you online - usually within hours after your inspection. Here is a short sample.

We will supply copies of our report - at no charge - to other entities such as real estate companies and title companies on your request. 
Remember: A home inspection is not an appraisal or warranty.

Our experience has allowed us to design and follow a specific, procedure that provides our clients with a smooth, affordable, professional home inspection that covers all the bases.


A complete oral report is given during the inspection.

Give us a call (813) 909-9516 and let's set a convenient time to schedule your home inspection.

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