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Before you move into your new house, you will need a home inspection.
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According to USA TODAY, “A professional, pre-sale home inspection is the newest and most effective marketing tool being used by independent home sellers across the country.”

More and more home sellers are using the "pre-inspected" description in their ads right along with standard selling points like, "new carpet, fresh paint and great neighborhood".

There are many valid business reasons for ordering a pre-sale home inspection, but the primary motivation can be summed up in one word...competition.

This year, for example, more than 6,000 homes in the Tampa Bay area will be advertised as For Sale By Owner. The struggle for the home buyer's dollar has never been more intense.

If you are serious about saving thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by selling your home yourself, you must use every sales tool available to you.

A pre-sale home inspection has given many people the edge they need to compete against all of the other independent home sellers in this market. It is one of the most effective sales tools you can possess.


You can advertise your home as being, "pre-inspected"

You can negotiate price from a much stronger position.
Buyers feel more confident about making you an offer.
You get to keep more of your profit in your pocket by eliminating surprises at the closing.
Smoothes out the bumps in the sales process. What worries a prospective home buyer most are the areas they can’t see or know nothing about. Things like electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, condition of the roof, etc. These concerns are almost always answered in the pre-sale home inspection report.

The sale can usually take place much faster with less price negotiation and much less anxiety.
The buyer feels more secure knowing the house you are selling has been "pre-inspected." If the buyer orders a re-inspection, within 30 days, to satisfy a lender or title company, we will re-inspect for only $100. Another great selling point.

Because the courts have traditionally ruled against those who knowingly conceal or do not reveal building defects, it is obvious that any home seller that does not invest in an independent home inspection is taking a huge, unnecessary risk.


If a pre-sale home inspection makes good business sense to you, give us a call today (813) 909-9516 and let's set a convenient time for your inspection. We always try our best to accommodate your schedule. We do inspect on Saturdays.
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